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SUNLINE Petroleum Services (SPS), LLC features a powerful team of local subcontractors, technical staff and affiliates combined with global experts possessing an intimate knowledge of advanced international business practices.

SPS partners, consultants and executives have worked extensively with government, SOEs, business enterprises and legal and financial institutions. SPS has also had extensive exposure to government organizations and regulations in Iraq and internationally, as a result, has gained an in-depth understanding of the regulations and economic conditions as well as combining constructive parameters.

SUNLINE Petroleum leverages this expertise and these local relationships to manage projects in Iraq and join forces with international partners and agencies to provides the oversight and support, using its skilled managers & consultants to explore and implement project objectives, and extract back technical information and development reports, while the beneficiary clients oversees the successful project work.

Project work is thus performed based on local procedures and best practices within the framework of Iraq developing tendering procedures, law and custom. This approach is cost effective, reducing the costs of sending expatriate staff to do work where local business people can perform equally well, as well as creating new job opportunities for Iraqi skilful staff and eliminating the hidden costs of the cultural learning curve.

New Project and rehabilitation of existing old plants also create good will among the local populace by supporting productivity development, increase competitiveness, profitability and transfer of technology.

As an EPC we can be your partners in providing all kinds of solutions following the latest of art technologies.